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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey silly

Yep i kind treat FSX like and OS now i i find no matter how much care i take over what i install how i tweak it how its defrag ectectect it still always runs better after a good nuke what ive taken to doing it right after i install it is to make a full copy of the FSX+Accel install folder so i have a backup of every file i might replace and as i like to tweak/mod alot it comes in handy and nexttime i need to replace it i just delete the old one and make another copy rename it and reinstall my 3rd party addons and tweaks save quite a bit of time on reinstalling

& Yep i have to agree a little sharppening can help you get back the clarity of FSX with screenshots im having to shrink from my now native 1920x1200 to a size i can post here & it really leaves them looking a bit blurry/messy so a bit of sharpening brings them back into focus to how it pretty much looks running on my screen

Thanks for the kind words on my repaints guys really glad to see ppl enjoying them

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