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Default Re: GTX280/260 Overclocking Results

Originally Posted by kaptkarl View Post
Wow. That's a great OC on your memory. Btw, do you link the core and shader clocks? Just curious because you say your shader clock limits your core. I personally do not link them. I do link them initially, but once I reach my max shader I then unlink and push the core up a bit. I have to watch my temps though when I do that. My card runs a little hotter than yours, so temps is a great concern of mine.

No I don't link. If they were linked my core would be even lower, but since the core is based off a multiplier it can still be limited by the shader.

For example with my shader at 1420, unlinked, my core won't go higher than 710. If I boost my shader to 1425, I am then able to run the core at 715. I can certainly set it higher, but the settings do not stick unless I up the shader.

Memory is quite sensitive, which is why I run it 25MHz(effective 50MHz) below my artifacting point. 2500MHz is 140GB/s.

As to the temp I think anything below 80 is safe for 24/7 use and won't shorten the life of the card.
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