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Default Re: Dish Network VIP722 - transfer from DVR to PC?

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
3 days ago Dish Network stopped by my house to replace my older HD DVR for the new VIP722.

I noticed that it has ethernet port and 2 USB. Ethernet can only be used to replace the phone line.

Is it possible to use the USB ports to transfer recorded SD/HD steams to PC?
Has anyone tried this?
I used to do this kind of thing a long time ago, only with tivo DVR's rather than dishnet DVR's. You aren't going to do that with the USB ports I believe, at least not without doing some very elaborate hacking, and afaik for dish dvr's there are no public hacks in existence that will do this (tivo is another story however.)

But it is nonetheless possible to extract the video streams from the hard disk of a dish pvr. You're looking for a program called dishrip. I myself have never used this particular program though, as I've never had a dish pvr, so I can't really say anything else beyond that.
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