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Benchmarks are supposed to be standardized. When you tell people to pick a random game, with random settings, and post their results in a Benchmark Forum, you negate the point of a benchmark. Who cares if it's theoretical? 3DMark provides a standard way for everyone here to compare their systems. Fire it up, leave the settings at defaults, hit benchmark, post your results. If you delve into it, you can get a pretty good idea as to how the memory bandwidth, fill rates, etc compare between different hardware configurations.

I mean we're enthusiasts here right? We risk everything for a few percent performance increase. 3DMark lets us test the performance of our computers on multiple levels, and at the same time test the stability to an extent. I say keep posting your 3DMark scores. Does your score beat mine? Then right on! Does your nVidia card give your system the edge over my Radeon? Freaking sweet! Other people's scores are one of the many things I look at before upgrading.

Saturn, if you want to continue to be sandy about people posting on topics they enjoy, that's fine. It's up to you, being a moderator, it's your right to shoot down anyone who posts here. And if I may be so bold, your rather good at it. I like it here, as I'm sure anyone who posts does. But if it comes down to people not being allowed to speak their minds without getting blasted for it, there's plenty of other message boards out there.
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