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Default Re: Any news on 55nm GTX series???

Originally Posted by LovingSticky View Post
I do not think 4870X2 sells well. It is too power hungry, too hot, does not work in all games, ATI makes (unstable) drivers for it, and is pricey. Majority a lot of people will prefer single-GPU solutions. Also, 2x GTX 260 is the same price as 4870X2.
From someone who's owned the card, you don't know what you're talking about.

The card sells very well; it works in just about every game; it is no more "power-hungry" than 260 SLI is; ATI's drivers are NOT unstable; and it is not that pricey for the performance that you get.

The strongest card prior to the 4870X2 was the 8800GTX. Those sold for 650$ on launch day. The X2 is about 4x as strong and sold for 550$ on launch day. The X2 is a fine value for the money.

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