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Default Re: resolution problem

Anybody know how to add screen resolutions to "nvidia-settings"? Editing xorg.conf gets me nowhere. I have a number of GeForce cards in a variety of machines, all with the same problem.
The display adapters (video cards) range from an MX4000 up to a 9800GTX+.
New nVidia drivers have no effect. System-config-display just undoes everything (as does nvidia-settings and xrandr). The displays in question range from a Viewsonic VA1912w on VGA all the way up to a SONY VLP15AW on HDMI. I have had some luck with dual SOYO Topaz S displays (1920x1200) on a FX5200 adapter. But other than that one exception, I always get a default of 1024x768 which is less than the 1440x900 of the VA1912w.
The displays in question have aspect ratios of either 16:9 or 16:10. They are also LCD devices - which means to me "run at native resolution" without exception - well maybe an exception for BIOS, but a full OS with real drivers and configuration tables should do better.
/usr/share/hwdata/MonitorDB only lists the H & V timing limits. Where are the resolutions enumerated?
M$ always seems to get it right and the first time at that. Why can't Linux?
The most irksome combination, at the moment, is an FC9 system for running VLC with a GeForce 7600GS (AGP-8x) dual head that is supposed to drive a SONY VLP-15AW (720/60P) over HDMI and a VA1912w (1440x900) rotate left over VGA.
Is there a general way to add the various native resolutions to the nvidia-settings program?
Is there a way to remove all the other resolutions from the selection list?
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