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Default MSI Overclocking Tournament

It almost sounds like a game. It's funny that OC'ing went from being an elite thing, to mainstream, now to a spectator sport.

Leading mainboard manufacturer, MSI, is organizing the first-ever Master Overclocking Arena 2008 in Taipei, Taiwan to be held

November 8-11, 2008. The event is powered by Intel, NVIDIA, OCZ Technology, Western Digital, Enermax and Geinus. MSI, best known for its Intel-based mainboards, graphics cards and notebooks, takes the lead in letting renown overclockers from countries around the world test its latest MSI P45 platform. Representing 30 countries, including Australia, China, Europe, Korea, South Africa, South East Asia, and Taiwan, the participants are made up of the winning warriors from four fierce competitions. Only these elite individuals have earned themselves a ticket to the Master Overclocking Arena 2008. Now! For more information about the 『Master Overclocking Arena』 Event, please visit The site includes information about all 13 teams, 24 contestants and is holding "Who is Overclocking King Event". Hurry Up! Go to vote for your favorite team.
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