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Default Re: Crysis Warhead Official Thread

Originally Posted by RupertBanana View Post
Far Cry2 is going to relegate Warhead back to "asshead" status.
Far Cry 2 has received much more negative comments from users compared to Crysis and Warhead. Take a look at the FC2 thread, full of complaints about the game. People complained about Crysis as well, but the disappointment is much more with FC2. FC2 is poor at best, IMO. It claimed too much but it has a very annoying and boring way of implementing them. You either become a taxi driver or a marathon runner with nothing but respawns to keep you busy between missions which require travelling back and forth like a courier...

Oblivion and FO3 also required a lot of walking and moving around but never became tedious like this. The Stalker games also implement this in a much better way...
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