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Default Re: Crysis Warhead Official Thread

Originally Posted by RupertBanana View Post
I haven't finished FC2, but I'm making my judgement based on the game rather than the marketing.

Interesting that you think Crysis is fun....cause it seems as though the manner in which they boosted Warheads tempo was a direct result of poor Crysis gameplay.
Well, Crysis had a slower tempo and I played the game mostly using a stealth approach. Warhead was much more action based. Games were pretty different, but I found both fun. Crysis had the silly spaceship part which was very annoying but didn't last long. Warhead was pretty short but still fun. If you have read the recent piracy threads, I tend to download my games first and buy them later. Crysis and Warhead were bought after the game was beat. I felt they deserved my money. Fallout 3 as well. With Far Cry 2 I intended to buy the game on release (the hype you see). Luckily, it was out on the net before it was released so I downloaded instead, intending to buy it on its release date. I ended up disliking the game so much, I found it boring and repetitive and annoying. Clear Sky with all it's bugs was still a better game, and I had to restart that one 3 times from the start! With FC2 I couldn't stand playing more than 15 minutes at a time and couldn't be bothered again with it after 3-4 missions.

Anyway, again, this is only my opinion and we are only exchanging views here. I believe FC2 had a good concept but poor implementation. I like games that give you freedom to explore. I just feel that FC2 doesn't do it well.
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