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Default Re: Big installation problem with GTX 260

Originally Posted by Grisza View Post
First , I want say : "sorry for my english";/

I have a big problem with install...
this is my movie about this:
I have 180.43(beta),178.24,177.41 and orginal Driver
I reinstall windows ~10 times
Now i have Windows xp service pack 3
On 180< computer stay on loading
On 180> computer stay when the loading is end...
I do all i Can and now i please all of you
Help me please;(
It appears you're not being patient enough. When the screen goes blank, let it sit for a while longer. Sometime nVidia's driver installs can take a bit. Just be patient and give it more time. The screen should come back and ask you to restart your computer. Just simply follow the on-screen directions and it should restart automatically.
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