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Default Re: Quick question about Bash (and rsh)

Originally Posted by wnd View Post
There you go. Like Whig said, the file has setuid flag on (emphasis added). See Wikipedia for more about file permissions.

And as for setting up rsh, don't. Don't use rsh unless the environment is totally secure or you absolutely need to save all the CPU time possible. If you need to have password-less login, set up SSH with an RSA/DSA key.
Well, my setup is kind of secure. We have one machine connected to the internet (behind my Uni's firewall). Behind this machine is a cluster of 6 identical computer nodes.
I already have passwordless login using SSH/RSA, but I'm trying to get Chromium+DMX (google it, pretty much first links) to work, and I need rsh in order to use some python scripts that come built in.

My knowledge of python is pretty much null, so I don't know how to alter the script to use SSH (which actually be a much better solution to my problem).
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