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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey guys

Great shots everyone glad to see a little life back in this thread i was worried that the screenshot thread might close the remaining 10k veiws gap we have on them lol dam this thread totally owns this message board!

Coffs looks very cool but i find that 1. i dont spend anytime at airports 2.they always cost far tomany FPS to run at full detail and that makes my landing very difficult!

Nice F-16 shots nubee who is it on the FPS? i read that shadows are a realy hit on the framerate for this model & more so in DX10 mode due to the massive polycount of the internal and external model
how is she at full power? i bet you can bring on the blurries real easy once you open her up,it one of the main reason i dont fly jets in FSX as i dont think the game engine can handle the speed of jet aircraft at low levels

Just finished and uploaded my VH-NEL repaint to Ozx

Manufacturer : RealAir/American Champion Aircraft
Model : Decathlon
Specs: VH-NEL
Release Date: 9th November 2008
Painter: Gizmo

Evolved from a custom normal mapping test in to a full repaint and feature a fully custom/remade set of bump/spec maps and some cool chroming tweaks on handles and other bare metal parts

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