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Default Re: MSI Overclocking Tournament

Originally Posted by bob saget View Post
i still wouldnt consider OCing mainstream. Of the total number of computers in the world, how many do you think have any overclocked components? Within the enthusiast market, yea overclocking became mainstream, but not with the general public i dont think. Truth is, i don't think the general public will profit much if their single core 3.2Ghz P4 is overclocked or not; the spreadsheets are going to open at the pretty much the same speed.
Well here is what I'm getting at. 5 years ago you wouldn't even see a company endorsing overclocking. You couldn't by a factory OC'ed graphics card, let alone a motherboard that was "designed for overclocking". Now companies are using it as an advertising tactic to try to sell their products, and imply you should overclock your computer to get the best performance. It is true that someone who buys an OEM system probably doesn't even know what overclocking is, but anyone who builds a pc from parts at least knows what it is now, where 5 years ago they might not.
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