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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Sorry slaWter, Steve has explained what I meant, but I didn't write that sentence very well, which didn't help

REX will suffer from the same FSX limitations that FEX and ASX does, which means you need to be careful or things can look a mess. I also think some of the themes are a little heavy handed, but that's fine as long as there are more subtle ones to balance, which I'm sure there will be. I would really like to see what the general beta testers are getting at this point, but it seems apart from a select few that they are still under NDA. We were certainly allowed a more free reign with FEX to post what we wanted under beta, which meant good and bad...and there was some very bad, but at least it gave people to see it as it realy was.

All I want now though is a complete product, as I'm fed up of using a bit of this and a bit of that - I will certainly keep FEX, as I have a lot of themes I don't want to lose, but I really look forward to having all the other environment textures and the weather engine and flight planner as a single product and not the mish-mash I currently have.

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