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Default FX5500 in Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid problems

Ok, here is the deal.
I have an older machine running an FX5500 card. I had it working just fine in Gutsy and in Hardy. Driving a wide screen rotatable cinema display (HP LP2465) and able to rotate the thing just fine.
Went to Intrepid and all he** broke loose. The 177driver would not even display (black screen) so I did a repair install and put in the 173 .. got a display but it was split on the screen and the mouse would not work.
Next step was to go to another display and on a standard aspect ration LCD the thing worked with 173 but no screen rotation (the standard screen is also a rotatable )
So decided to give the Legacy 96 a shot.
Got my wide screen back using same .. but still no screen rotation.

And the weirdest xorg.conf file I have ever seen!

searched all over for help here on the forums, but either there is none, or I am putting the wrong parameters into the search.

Any ideas will be appreciated!
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