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Default Re: netgear WGR826v want to secure it

Originally Posted by muelo1000 View Post
ok i have a netgear and i want to secure it you know to use a password to connect to it it works fine when its unsecure but when i try to set the WEP it dosent let me it say signal exellent ,limited connectivity so all i want is for me to be able to connect and do it secure
To start off with, WEP is very insecure to begin with and if thats the security protocal you want to install i wouldnt waste your time. If you have the choice of WPA with a 63 bit key, As WPA is alot harder to crack and chances are your nieghbors arent going to even try to break into it

Read first.
Then read the following
Read pages 5,2-5,7
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