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Default Re: Woohoo, I got Duelist!

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog View Post
I was kinda lost playing the other day being I haven't played since the beginning of August. Everything was new and I lost my UI setup so I had to download all that crap also, which was all updated and new too:/ . Any how, I went out to that sunwell island(or whatever it's called) with my Boomkin and just got owned by a pally. It was sick. I'm not even sure I was never not stunned during that assbeating
I just speced boomkin for the first time since the great ret nerf. I made two ret paladins bubble hearth today Course, I outgeared them a bit bein S4 and all, but still, no more rets in greens going around killing **** anymore.

Feral is impressing me a bit too. I haven't double checked it yet, but I think pounce, maim (no longer breaks on damage btw,) and bash are all on separate diminishing returns. This means you can lock somebody down for up to 15 seconds. Add a cyclone and you are good for 21 seconds, and this gives you enough time to break combat and re-enter stealth for...another pounce, which by this time is off of DR, and you could follow that with another maim, which is also off DR at this point, going up to 31 seconds.

I spent a fair amount of time finding rogues to lolstunlock. Little OP bastards deserve it, and it makes me laugh my ass off each time they stand around stunlocked, in an ironic twist of fate, getting their ass beat and there's nothing they can do about it Properly glyphed and talented my shreds also crit for 4k on targets that are stunned while bleeding (45% crit chance too,) and popping tigers fury > berserk makes this spammable up to 5 times.
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