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Default Re: EVGA GTX 280 FTW Edition 90-Day Step-up if any?

Who gives a %#$! if his system is "weaker" than yours? Not everyone feels compelled to upgrade every 2 months. Blacklash and I have both owned systems that were just as powerful/stronger than yours (my CrossfireX would've spanked your system silly, and his 4870X2 was no slouch,) and we both prefer a single GPU over it because gameplay feels more refined on it. It doesn't always come down to money; sometimes it's preference.

Just what are you going to use all that power for, anyway? Most PC titles play just fine on a single 260.

Originally Posted by Digital
None of you work for NVIDIA or a preferred vendor so who's to know if infact NVIDIA might just release something better during Q4 I'll step-up if it's available and if not I'll go tri-SLI finally...
For a group who doesn't know anything, you sure ask us a lot.

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