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Default Re: Post your HDTV displays here

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
didn't you have 40 inch samsung not that long ago?
Yes, 5 months ago, in June.
But instead of selfishly using only myself the Samsung 40" F86 LCD TV in a desk as my PC's monitor, I decided to place it downstairs on the main living room, where the family watches TV, etc, because there was an old 21" 4:3 analog CRT TV (from the 90s) in the living room. So everybody is happy now.
Now with the projector, my PC's room is slowly turning into a small (12' x 12') home theatre room. A 4 seat couch has been placed in the back wall, and my next purchases will probably be this and this.
For casual PC usage (web browsing, instant messaging, etc) I use my modest laptop, to save the projector's lamp life.
But for PC Gaming, PS3 Gaming and Blu-Ray movies, I turn on the projector.

Here's a couple of pics of the 115" 1920x1080p display:

Side walls, back wall, and ceiling still white unfortunately, so there is still lot of unwanted bouncing light reflections in the room.
I didn't used a tripod on these, so they are kinda out of focus.
More pics (14MPixels) and videos (Full HD) coming up soon, with tripod, from PS3 games, Blu-Ray movies, etc.
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