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Just quick a part of my last night findings for my setup...
  • 1600*1200 - 68.9-77.7-78.1-78.2-77.8
    1280*1024 - 73.8-86.0-87.5-87.5
    1024*768 - 77.1-92.6-95.6-96.1
    800*600 - 78.1-93.0-96.6-96.4
    640*480 -73.9-93.1-94.7
that was with no AA and with no AF and with high details

1280*1024 with low settings did pretty much as 800*600 with high + the first run was fast straight away even though I changes some settings, I guess that slow first run is somehow connected to change in resolution or color depth???

the last few runs one were 1280*1024with 4xAA & 8xAF

the first run was 47.9 FPS and the second was 51.7 FPS...

so you can judge.. it seems that the proc/system is the bottleneck @ 90+FPS
which is OK... however I am still curious about the first run and what was the command to show FPS...

showFPS 1 or something else? - I guess that I will need to look it up on the web... ah and when I OC the proc to 350 clock + 325 RAM... with 4xAA and 8xAF @1280*1024 I did 54.4 and 55.7 FPS... so around 10% increase... btw what is the stock for PRO... forgetfull me.. 340*325? as I think that this board of mine could run that easily... (samsung memory )
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