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Default Re: EVGA GTX 280 FTW Edition 90-Day Step-up if any?

Originally Posted by Digital Trans
Xion X2 just keep it up you insecure Prick!
I'm insecure? I'm not the one whoring my rig out on half the threads around here and upgrading my computer every 2 months. I'm also not the one going around saying things like this:

Originally Posted by Digital_Trans
I'm glad I put off on all the upgrades until Q4. Now I can make the purchase count and have even better compared to what alot of other users here whom have already wasted their money on the current trend of hardware and graphics cards. Come to think of it, That would suck to have to gut my entire motherboard out just for another **** faced nForce chipset which now is behind me like when I just got done flushing the toilet.

Originally Posted by Digital_Trans
And your calling me out when your system is still weaker then mine.
You just don't seem to get it. No one dislikes you for your rig; they dislike you for your sorry-azz attitude. You go around pimping your computer on twice as many occasions as anyone else on this forum while slamming everyone else's setups in the process like you did in those quotes I pulled above. I wouldn't care if you had sIxTupLeT SLI.. I would have more respect for someone running a 3DFx card than I would have for you.

It's nothing personal. You just come off as a smug #$&@ is all. Perhaps you're not at all like this in real life. I hope not.

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