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Default Re: Those cards do not fit my case

Originally Posted by Ikshaar View Post
I understand that.. but are we going to have 2 feet long video card in 5 years ? They cannot keep increasing the length of the card indefinitely.

I know those are high-end card but, same as what happened for the 8800, it makes less easy for people to upgrade, therefore less people buy it. If you force people to buy a whole new computer each time, they don't upgrade... they wait.

PS: don't flame me but I just discover that the Radeon 4870 is much shorter. Have been long time nVidia user but this might push me over the edge.
Yes, the 4870 is shorter....but the 2 PCI-E power plugs plug into the back of a 4870, while the GTX plugs in from the top. This will add some extra length...something to keep in mind. Look at the 4850x2...that is longer than anything every made.....they just keep getting longer.
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