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Default Re: EVGA GTX 280 FTW Edition 90-Day Step-up if any?

Originally Posted by Digital_Trans View Post
No you a-hole, I was asking about the EVGA step-up program for my 280's. Now we got Xion X who wanted to take it to the next level. Then we have Blacklash who wanted to thread jack with his stupid comments. Keep it simple and if you don't like my post then don't read it! Funny some of you didn't reply on the post my rig 2008. I don't see anyone saying a damn thing bad because half of you on this very thread are out of line. Maybe you can go over there and thread jack that link to with your stupid comments. I asked about the step-up program which should told me to call EVGA directly for the real time answer not this forum by all means. Gio thread jack the post my rig 2008 section with all your wonderful comments since you all seem to really enjoy taking it to the next level. I've got better things to do now like eat dinner and game. Tri-SLI
Yes, yes.. we know. Everybody else is at fault, and Digital's perfect. Even though there are exact quotes from you on this thread, pre-emptively, slamming everybody else's rigs.

God, grow up and quit crying/acting like an infant.


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