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Default Re: EVGA GTX 280 FTW Edition 90-Day Step-up if any?

Originally Posted by Mr Bigman View Post
I know some folks here like showing off their gear.

Hell i am packing more sausage than the oscar meyer weiner truck and i know i can **** 10 woman at the same time but i don't boast about it so let it go so what if your rig is that of a rich mans, news flash buddy, i got a very highend rig that puts alot of peoples to shame but i don't rub it in faces like you do so your question has been answered so move on like Xion says cuz he knows his stuff.

Bigman for you Xion.
My little finger has more testosterone than you're entire family tree.

Hell, my left nut alone has a mass that you only dream you could lift.


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