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Default Re: Woohoo, I got Duelist!

While I agree that Paladins needed to be toned down, I will say it's about time they can actually "DPS". I raided 40+ hours a week for 2 and 1/2 years as a Healadin. That was all Pallies were good for up until a few weeks back. Dueling a Druid in ANY spec was absolutely useless whether I was a "better" player or not. No DPS = no killing anything. Even now with the "nerfs", Ret Pallies find it hard to find an Arena group since their mana regen was toned down. Two mana burns and a dispell equates to a useless body.

In short, the Pally hate is not deserved. The OP Pally needed balancing and it was done. Move on.
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