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Default Re: Wrath of the Lich King!

I might get it this weekend,or maybe in the next week or so. I'm not really in too much of a hurry since Mal'Ganis alliance is HEAVILY outnumbered and it will be next to impossible to get anything done. Hell, i had to bail on Bone Wastes on my 68 lock earlier bc some epic flying tauren warrior with 14k hp sees me as a threat and is waiting for me to leave the safety of the guards so he can chain gank me.

I do have 4 horde toon on Lethon though, but that population sucks, and I would like to at least see the new instances.

What would you guys take to 80 first...

UD lock -Nightfall battlegroup
BE pally
BE hunter
UD rogue
Human lock -Stormstrike battlegroup

all have pretty decent gear (welfare) except the human lock which like I said earlier has 2 levels to go.
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