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Default Re: Call of Duty: World at War Offical Feedback Thread

After Play everything from the Original MOH series all the way through COD, United Offensive COD2 and COD4 PC only I'm not that impressed...

It looks a bit unfinished and rushed. Sounds are horrible IMO. They are lacking is the best way to describe them. Artillary sounds like space ship noises. COD1 2 and 4 are so much better in this department.

Game play is what you would expect from a COD4 Engine. I think COD4 is miles better than this release. It's missing some serious elements.

The best way to describe it is it comes across as being incomplete and its lacking the Polish that the others have.

I've only played it for about a hour in MP... I have yet to experience the SP mode but I will be soon. More to follow.
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