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Default Need some help making medical website

Hi guys - this will probably require a fair bit of your time so I apologise in advance,

I'm currently making a website for a hospital to let people learn about the endoscopic procedure they are about to have and then fill in a consent form online, which they can then print out, sign and then bring in to hospital.

Right, first off, this is the first website I have ever made and I'm using Dreamweaver CS4 to help me do it. I'm a medical student not a CS major or even a "web expert" of any kind. I know that some of you will probably scoff at the methods I have used.

Anyway, the bit I need help with is the consent form.

Here is the start of the particular page I am interested in:

Its a complete mess at the moment I know but I really just need to work out how to do it and then I can re-do it properly later. There are three specific things I need help with:

1) I need to create a form where all the fields are required. As in they can't submit the form until all the boxes have been filled in. This will also require an Agreement tick box, like the one's you get on TOS agreements when you install software: "I understand all the information given to me and agree to the procedure" [TICKBOX].

2) Depending on certain options they pick, I need other options to appear. Specifically, I need to ask them if they are diabetic, and if they answer "Yes" then there are additional questions I need to ask them.

3) I need the results they have inputted to be shown on a plain page with some formatting, which they can then print out at home and sign+date.

I know I'm a PITA but I'd really appreciate if someone who knows their web development could help me.

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