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Default Re: Need some help making medical website

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
id do it with PHP. im really sorry i dont have the time to help atm
No probs. Considering I have no idea what I'm doing would this be feasible for me to learn how to do it within 4-5 days using PHP?

Originally Posted by XDanger View Post
Isn't there a consent form already?

Are you creating a different form ?

Will the patient details from the site be added to the existing form when printed out, Is that whats happening?
There's no national consent form for endoscopic procedures specifically. It is up to each individual NHS Trust to decide whether to provide a specific one or just use a generalised surgical consent form.

The point of the site is to reduce the workload on doctors and improve patient knowledge about the procedure they are about to have. Docs often don't have enough time to go through all the details of a procedure before getting a patient to sign the form. They give them a short brief about it and basically just say "Sign here."

With this website patients who are listed for elective endoscopy procedures will be sent home with the website address and told to read the relevant section. Once they are done they will answer the questions I talk about above, print out the page and bring the signed form in with them on the day they are booked to have it done. This will save around 10-20 minutes per patient on that day's endoscopy list for the doctor.
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