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Default Re: PCI-E x16 running at x1 on new GTX 280

Apologies for resurrecting this old thread guys. However, i've finally had enough of my crappy old card and i've decided to go for a GTX 260 216 and a PCP&C 610W PSU, despite the problems I had with the 280 and Corsair PSU (documented above).

I'm looking for opinions on what could have been the cause of my previous probs' and whether they're likely to appear if I do go for the 260.

Overall i'm mostly convinced it was a PSU problem before, as the GTX280's main difference to my 8800GTS (as far as the whole system is concerned) is increased power requirements and the GTS worked fine. It seems possible to me that there might have been a fault with some element of the rail distribution or possibly the modular cables. Also the psu made an annoying squealing noise, which was a bit suspect.

If that's not the case is there likely to be a problem with the PCI-E slot? It doesn't make much sense to me because my GTS is working fine (and always has) at 16x. Could the extra speed/demands of the GTX cards reveal a slot problem?
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