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Default Re: Official XBMC Releases and Discussion

Has anyone tried to update their xbox to final build? I had no problems with beta1 but can't boot with the latest build, I just get a black screen. is down so I'm asking here.

here's the error log.

09:08:35 M: 57507840 NOTICE: loading T:\guisettings.xml
09:08:35 M: 57376768 NOTICE: Getting hardware information now...
09:08:35 M: 57376768 NOTICE: Checking resolution 10
09:08:35 M: 57376768 NOTICE: Setting autoresolution mode 1
09:08:35 M: 57376768 NOTICE: Per AV pack settings are off
09:08:35 M: 57483264 NOTICE: q:\UserData\sources.xml
09:08:35 M: 47124480 WARNING: Emergency recovery console starting...
09:08:36 M: 47640576 FATAL: XBMC Fatal Error:

thats all I get.

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