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Default Re: Wrath of the Lich King!

Captn, lol, thats some faction issues you got there.

So far ive just managed to keep my self in the borean tundra, and will prolly hit blight next (saving fjord and grizzly for my lock). They have done a nice job by not having many "kill till you loot such and such number of items off mob" which tend to keep people stuck cleaning out an area for long periods of time. There have been a few quest that require killing mobs that there arnt alot of though, like the longshore men area (with the mist effect because its a phased quest, which is strange because there dosnt seem to be any other event or quest for that area that uses a different phase).

Also hit the nexus instances...REAL nice. Bosses were push over but I love the boss that clones herself into different elements and throws your party around like an amusement ride.
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