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Originally Posted by Dragoran View Post
Try MPEG-1/2 or H264.

The patch marks VC1 and WMV3 "status buggy" while H264 and MPEG-1/2 as "status working" in codecs.conf (might be a reason behind that )
Yep that was the problem, MPEG and H264 played fine.

First impressions:

MPEG: - normal mplayer with xv output used about 10% cpu
- mplayer with vdpau and relative coded used about 3% cpu

H264: - normal mplayer used about 66% cpu
- mplayer with vpdau used *just* 10% !!!!!!!!!!!!

That's a hell of a difference! Can't wait to see the patches in mainline mplayer

BTW, I have 2 x 8800GT 512MB cards.
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