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Default 4.2.0

It wasn't that hard to install 4.2.0 of X. I wasn't sure if that was my problem so I went ahead and upgraded anyway, the longest part was downloading the files! from there you just run a file and it does the rest for you! has the files. I don't know what you should do if you're in 3.3.6 of it. By the way, did you run xf86config yet?
If you haven't, That's the file that installs the nvidia drivers and configures your system for X. There are a couple of options that ask you what you want to set up (You might want to have your monitor specs handy as it likes to know your horizontal sync rate and vertical as well) and then choose Nvidia GeForce from the video card options. From that point, when you edit the xf86config file the "nv" options will be there. Just my thoughts from one newb who's been coping himself!
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