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Where to start.... well.

ibGoodEnuf, I know what your sayin', "I just figured out what I'm gonna do with the rest of my days. I'm gonna get myself an oversized keyboard, gain moderator status, and be the next Saturn!". Well I got sour news for ya Jack. It ain't that easy. For instance, are you willing to make the comitment, to waking up at the crack of noon, and flaming people for having individual thought and spelling mistakes, seven or eight at a time.. in a row? How about the commitment, to closing threads because you feel like it, as an extention of your own inadequacies? How about are you willing to make the commitment, to wakin up and goin, "Ok, it's post time, what t-shirt am I gonna wear?". Can't decide, brain aneurysm! We've been through so much bullsh*t just to be here tonight, to post your f*ckin' socks off. And all we ask in return is so precious little.. all we're asking you to do, is drop tro.......wait that's something different.

Anyway, if u truly bGoodEnuf, show us your 1337 /\/\0|)3|?4+1/\/6 5|<1|_|_z0|?z!~~
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