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Default Re: Any news on 55nm GTX series???

Charlie is an idiot. The new Quadro FX5800 uses a 55nm G200 clocked higher than the stock 65nm GTX 280 and uses DRAMATICALLY less power than the 65nm GPU and it's available on sale already. So much for FUD, eh Charlie the ATI ass kisser?

Quadro FX 5800

* 52 billion texels/s
* 4GB GDDR3 @ 800MHz
* 189W TDP


* 48.2 billion texels/s
* 1GB GDDR3 @ 1107MHz
* 236W TDP

If you want a card now, I'd wait and see when the 55nm cards will be launched. But if you're in no rush, I'd wait for the Nvidia DX11 hardware instead next year.
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