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Default Re: nVidia driver + hibernate = no go?

It's been a while now, so update on the drivers and stability (please note that I'm now using ArchLinux only (X - 1.4.2)):

177.8x series: suspend works, hibernate beeps and waits couple of mins but works, X does stuck for a 30 secs when restarted
180.06: suspend completely broken (blank screen, nothing works - no ctrl+alt+bkspc, no ctrl+alt+del, no wireless or bluetooth lights), hibernate beeps and waits couple of mins but works, X does stuck for 30 secs when restarted

177 series + IPP=2 has nasty bug - desktop environment slows down a lot after some period of usage. Period is not measurable, it just happens. With IPP=0 everything is fine during all the week (didn't test for longer), so it seems IPP has a bug.
I can't test this with 180.06 as suspend is broken and I can't use the driver generally.
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