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Default Re: Wrath of the Lich King!

we had a BE pally ding 80 early last night on Mal'Ganis. I really don't understand someone wanting to hit cap so fast. I mean there is absolutely nothing to do but grind quests for a couple weeks giving normal humans a chance to catch up.

From what I've played so far this expansion easily blows TBC away. I hate questing, and always have, but I just feel compelled to keep going and see whats next. I kept telling myself last night 'I'll do just none more" that one more turned into me leveling to 71.

There is also some really decent gear right off the bat for people who just dinged 70(I hit 79 on my 5th toon Thursday) I'm finding the expansion very enjoyable so far, and I'm glad I came back.
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