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Default Re: Wrath of the Lich King!

The people who dinged 80 quick probably have alts to level up too... I'm sure they wont be bored while others catch up.

Ive completely finished borean tundra and done a fair number of quest in dragonblight now. I have to say.. blizz has actually done an amazing job with the number of quest available (which are needed, you have to do like 75 quest for level 70 ^^) and the use of land. Borean and Dragonblight have at least 4 major quest hubs that generally have to do with only the area it is in, and each area is "busy". It doesn't feel like any one hub is sitting on their ass. Also I've encountered like 6-7 quest lines that involve meeting or seeing (past visions) characters playing major rolls, including frostmourns discovery by arthas which is not only awesome, but reveals new information I won't spoil here.

Also the game has featured a number of quest that end with you defeating a bad ass monster, but instead of requiring you to gather 5 people to take down an elite 2-3 levels above you, they in some way supply a force for you. This essentially has you always killing bad ass bosses from 70-80, but at the start you only help in key parts of the encounter while later on I expect you will be charged with heading the force with your own.
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