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Default Re: Call of Duty: World at War Offical Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by jiffy View Post
Untrained eye huh? I have played every COD series from day one. I have played competitively in each series through the years. You can't say this game is any different than COD4 because there will be a mod to make it a competitive game just like the others. Sorry, to say but COD4 was a nightmare in CAL, CEVO, TWL , etc. That is why it is dying a fast death in tournament play. COD:WaW will be just as good or better than COD 4 was or is. You are, as a server admin, able to change more server items in COD:WaW than you ever were in COD 4 and I feel this will make it a much better game in the long run. For example you can alter the number of dogs that are released on attack, change health ratios for the whole server, etc. This is good news for public servers at least, and I think it will carry over for those who play in ladders and leagues.
CoD4 is dying a fast death...There are over 4000 teams in the Clanbase SD ladder state cod4 was a nightmare in CAL etc, but you never stated why ?????

CoD:ww wont be as good in tournament play..many communities such as TEK9 are already writing it off before the mods have been released...and you think that because there are more server options to the admins it will make a better game....OK lol you obviously never heard of Promod then. CoD4 had a solid foundation that could be modded to make even better...the basis of the game such as weapon balance, some of the perks, map layout and physics were already good and didnt need much modding....CoD:WW needs a complete overhaul in that respect...weapons are totally unbalanced, map layouts are crap in most of the maps and physics feel wrong...of course there could be mods to make these better but it would take a lot of modding. Expect not to see tanks in maps, almost every new perk and most of the old ones to be removed, killstreak bonuses removed, gun sights removed, heavy weapon damage modifications and the reliability of public mappers to come up with some decent maps that could be excepted in competitive gaming.

BTW i have played every cod and cod tournament mod right from cod1 upto cod4...i played mohaa competitively for 3 years on its release and i have attended LANs for everything inbetween for games such as FEAR, GRAW, QUAKE, UT2004.....oh it goes on n on. As i said W@W is a good singleplayer/multiplayer game but it lacks that essence that made cod4 soo good in competitive play.

I aint getting into a game that may not be supported by most LANs and if it does succeed it will only be for a few month after the mods have been finalised then IW release the next CoD that will indefinately blow it out the water...every way possible.
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