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Default Re: Call of Duty: World at War Offical Feedback Thread

You suspect wrong and what you know about cod games could be written on the back of a postage stamp.

What makes CoDWW good on public is what will be stripped for competition use, thus as a result taking the only thing thats good about the game to try and make it better will fail.

I am quite familiar who RAF1 "Ryan" is...hell i used to have PCW's with his CoD4 team every week and i knew last week he was making a promod for codWW...i also know Bulletworm has been working on his PAM mod for W@W. Stop stating the obvious plz k thnx.
Heres a list of what promod will do for CoD5:WW

Promod:WAW Non-Public Version 1.0 (Pass 3)

Current supported gametypes : SD

The levelling system has been replaced with a class system
The field of view range has changed from 65-80 to 71-90
The gun sway fix has been implemented on all applicable weapons
Rifles and Snipers now kill from body shots
Teams are now named ‘Attack’ and ‘Defense’
Grenade cooking has been removed
Fog has been removed from all maps
Recoil has been increased on all guns, similar but perhaps more than that of CoD1
Firing rate caps have been introduced to all single shot guns
Team based weapons have been added – with a workaround due to having no menus
Pistols are now given depending on your class and team
The bomb is now invisible when planting/defusing
Client side map scripting removed
Entity physics has been disabled
Player names can now be changed during a round
Single bomb has been implemented [Drop is being worked on!]
Dvar Enforcer created
Unified Ruleset loader created
Pistols now have 1.3x movement speed
Sprint has been removed
Connection settings are now forced
Cosmetic Culling is now forced at 9
The CoD4 FPS increases have been implemented
The snipers have had a fix applied
Fire and effects have been removed from all maps
Music has been removed
Auto-aim and Lunge have been removed on the knife
Leader voices have been removed
Sound occlusion/attenuation removed
Sound realdelay removed
Dogs have been removed
UAV has been removed
Artillery has been removed
Perks have been removed
Off hand items have been removed
Missions have been removed
Ready up mode has been added
Strat time has been added
Client bobbing has been removed
The XP bar has been removed
Maps now have full colour saturation
Dynamic lights and shadows are now forced off
3D Objective/World icons have been removed
You now make a noise when trying to plant the bomb
The server name is now appended to show Promod is running in the server browser
Hip spread has been increased plenty for all automatic weapons
There is now a strat time counter
Fixed SD spawning and respawns
Spectator permissions have been limited
Teams now switch at half time
There is now a debugging command to draw your fps
Grenades have been disabled during Ready Up mode
You no longer receive ‘+points’ hud for killing
You now can spawn at any point during ready up or strat time, but not after
Knockback has been reduced
There is a now a TEMPORARY defuse sound. This will be improved come the modding tool kit
Battlechatter has been disabled
MR10 has been implemented as the beta ruleset
Quick switch has been implemented for weapon changing

FYI read the link at TEK9 (the biggest LAN community in Europe) to find out what they think of W@W....dont shoot the messenger.
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