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Default Re: Quadro4 and Solaris 10 (10/08 aka 6) x86

Originally Posted by Centurion030 View Post
I have a P4 dual-boot Solaris 10 x86 and a Xandros 4.5 system. When I was given this system, it came with a Quadro4 card. Not having DVI to VGA cables, I used a spare AGP ATI Redeon card for both.

I would like to use the Quadro4 card-with Xandros it will not be a problem. However, all drivers for this seem to be for the x64/x86 platform-which my P4 is probably not. Are there any drivers I can use on my Solaris 10 x86 to use this card?
Your P4 is definitely an x86 and should work fine with the x86/x64 drivers (which work on either x86 or x64 machines - x86 being 32-bit Intel & AMD CPU's like Pentiums, x64 being 32-bit Intel & AMD CPU's like Opterons).
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