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Default Re: Call of Duty: World at War Offical Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by TrixteH View Post
That statement alone proves you are not worth the banter...go and get some knowledge before coming out with idiotic statements like that.

The recoil on the weapons in W@W is non exsistent...Hell even the STG is 10x better on CoD4.

Edit: If you want to carry on debating on wether or not W@W is suitable for competition use then keep it to PM's plz, this thread is for the feedback of the game in regards to single/multiplayer public.

Thank you for pointing out that I'm not worth the banter.

On Topic:

The Co-Op in this game is wonderful and playing in zombie mode is a nice edition to the Co-Op in this game. The zombies get more intense as the levels increase.
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