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Default Re: Need some help making medical website

Hey mate. Thanks for the offer but I've been really busy with other stuff tonight... I looked at the other PHP guide thread you made which was really helpful, as well as the site nrs421 linked.

I've got a PHP server set up now and got a basic form running. Click the same link above and you can type in some details and see that it now functions in a basic way.

I'm finding this website building quite fun really. Its not what I'd call difficult - I know that it can get very advanced but on as basic level I mean - but there's a ton of stuff you pick up just googling techniques and stuff.

Anyway, the bit I'm struggling with is making form fields "required". Basically when the person submits the form, it needs to check that they have filled in each box and ticked the boxes. If they haven't it needs to come back with an error telling them they have to fill in the incomplete forms in order to continue.

I've provided a copy of the PHP code I made as well as the page with the form on.

I know that it is possible to do the check with JavaScript but from the few examples I read about I didn't really get how it worked. I was hoping you may be able to help me with an example of checking the fields before submission. If I understand how it is done with one of my fields I'll be able to use that info for the rest. The actual design of the site is far from final.

C1 - copy.txt should be .html
Submit - Copy.txt should be .php

Another problem I am having which is a design issue is between IE and Firefox. If you look at the footer div for some reason the text doesnt line up vertically on IE but works fine with FF. In the end what I'd like is for the height of the div to only be a little more than the text it holds. Just like the one at the bottom of the nvnews forum page which contains "Contact Us - nV News - Archive - Top".
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