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Default Re: Putting SP3 on laptop get an avast Warning..

Originally Posted by XDanger View Post
auto update

Its my GF's laptop , she uses Facebook

the Avast alert happened earlier today and I had to go do something else, I just left the Avast message on the screen and walked away...

SP3 would have finished installing ,Does it run Malicious Software tool on auto when it restarts?

Where would I find the log for that?

She says her laptop was OFF when she went to it.
What do you mean by "she uses Facebook".....

Facebook doesn't give you viruses. The only way you get viruses is when you're too stupid to realize that an ad for hot chicks isn't actually what it is and you click on it. Are you saying she clicks on every ad she can? Because as far as I'm aware, every "Facebook Virus" is a result of people clicking on links. Just like a spam email. If you click on them you deserve to get a virus.
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