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I spent whole of last night benching and recording various demos... there was only one that was a bit harder on he hardware out of 7 that I recorded... and the results are

in my case

1. the first run is slow
2. harder tha demo is the delta between the first run and the subsequent runs is larger

- in this more tasking demo 1600*1200 first run was 35.4 FPS and the second run was 51.5 FPS - while 51 FPS for a section with quite a lot of action/blasts is acceptable and the frame rate doesn't really dip below 30 FPS... 35 FPS - at one moment the counter was in single digits

3. the resolution doesn't really matter - 800*600 is ~5 FPS faster than 1600*1200 which should mean this is some kind of chipset problem + radeon as it was OK with GF4??? I don't know what's going on... apart arghhhhh...

maybe it's motherboard monitor... will have to uninstall it as this is one of the changes...

moving from cats 3.5 to cats 3.6 made no difference...

and the sky in Wolf ET is not clear either... as if I can see those mip-map levels in the sky that is sort of how it looks like... weird... ahhh will have to test some more... I did put a new installation of win 2000 on the same HDD without making a new partition, and no help... wolf ET even crashes after about 5 mins but I think this was MBM related, as it didn't crash before i installed it there as well... ah well doh... too much rubbish on that HDD, 5 GB free out of 80 ... but can't be bothered to record everything and clean it all up - yet....

maybe I will clean it out a little make a new partition and start from scratch... but somehow I fell like buying a 160 gb hdd
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