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Default Re: Wrath of the Lich King!

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
Wait till a DK gets the same level gear as you. My 64 DK dueled a drood and I ate him up. Oh let me corrupt your heals for you while my worms heal me. What? What's that, you want to run away? DEATH GRIP YOUR WUSSY ARSS! Get OVER HERE and take your beating.

DKs are so over powered it isn't even funny. I actually felt bad for that drood. I came out with almost full heals and with full runes charged. LOL! and I do mean LOL!
I am not sure how much of that remains true with equal gear footing and level cap... but who knows. DK's leave their zone with t3 equivalent gear and all other classes have old world greens which blow hard core, and maybe a scattering of outland quest rewards.

Not saying that DK's are not a strong class, but I hear they start to level off after awhile.
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