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Default Re: Do you hate EQ2?

Originally Posted by glObalist View Post
I do. And yes I played the game so I'm at least half-qualified to state my opinion on it. WOOT!

Post if you cannot stand it.

I once downloaded the free trial (some Island in the title), played for 15 minutes, then uninstalled. Coming from WoW, I couldn't stand the dreadful engine and artless graphics. It also ran like crap at the time and looked like a B title overall. I looked around very hard to find any fun in this game but just couldn't.

I will never play EQ2 again.
I played it for a month or so. I didn't hate it. I just found it boring and clunky. Now EQ I hated. What a PoS that game was. Only those who hate them selves and are into cutting them selves could love such a horribly abusive game. It has ALWAYS looked terrible even for its time and don't get me started on the "idea" of the game mechanics.

These are the type of people who play EQ.

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