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Default Re: Wrath of the Lich King!

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
A few reasons why that probably won't work:

1) I can just step back and LOS them and heal. They don't have this luxury most of the time.
2) I am level 78, most of them in these areas are 72 at best.
3) My PVP gear is season 4. It's not even possible to get better gear than that without at least being level 80 and hitting heroics. 90% of everything I run into I'll clobber uncontested.
No offense bro, but driuds are screwed in this XPac. I'm a frost mage, and ever since 3.02 hit I don't think I've ever lost to a druid other than when I get ganked with < 20% of my health.

It might be easy right now since you're ganking 72's, but once everyone hits 80 you're screwed bro. An 80 arcane mage could literally 3 shot you. PoM+AP+Pyro + Arcane Barrage + Fireblast + Arcane Barrage. That takes all of 4.5 seconds, and they're all insta casts. With lvl 80 PvP or Raid gear that's 20k worth of damage that you have no way of stopping.
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