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Default Re: Wrath of the Lich King!

Havent played in ages, but I´m seeing some nice changes for Rogues.
Mutilate doesnt require you to be behind the target anymore, makes it more useful for soloplay.
Some new talents that seem nice.
Blind no longer uses reagents.
You can buy poisons directly instead of bying a tons of reagents and making them.

Im told they´re making dagger builds viable again, which is awesome, I refused to go combat swords/maces, I like mutilate..

On a side note, Im home sick to day, thought I would play a bit, only lvl71 sofar.
First they said maintenance to 11.00, then they said til 13.00.. now it sais 15.00.. and I got a feeling that wont happen either.
Seems they have some issues on the EU servers today.
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